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Thursday, June 20, 2024
Salvatore Ala
  Local writer, Salvatore Ala, was born in Windsor in 1959. His background in philosophy and literature has helped shape the poetry he writes today. His poetry and prose have appeared in such literary journals as The Windsor Review, Taproot, Generation, Borderlines Two, Fiddlehead and Zygote.His book, Clay of the Maker, was published by Oakville’s Mosaic Press, in
1998.Having lived on both sides of the border, Ala lends a unique voice to North American poetry. Alistair Macleod wrote on the back wrap of his last book that, "these poems pay tribute to the past in a voice that is both modern and original." Poems include Wind in the Forest, The Samurai, The Storm, Backyard Idyll and others. His recent book is named Straight Razor and Other Poems, which brings together Salvatore Ala’s new poems and selections from his privately published broadsides. It is a startlingly beautiful and original collection. Both formal and lyrical, it is the work of a determined and committed craftsman.
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