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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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  Colio Estate Wines is located centrally within the Lake Erie North Shore in the town of Harrow, Ontario. The picturesque winery houses over 2.1 million litres of cooperage in oak and stainless steel and uses the latest production, bottling and labeling technology to produce in excess of 200,000 cases. A large, humidity-controlled barrel aging room with more than 500
French, European and American oak barrels is the birthplace of the company’s renowned red wines such as Cabernet Franc and Merlot.
Carlo Negri - Courtesy of Colio Estate Wines

Carlo Negri is the wine master of Colio Estates. Before coming to Canada in 1980, Carlo Negri honed his craft for years at one of the most reputable wineries in Italy. In the early 80s, though the market was demanding white wines, he dared to introduce noteworthy reds. Today, the winery and its award-winning wines of all styles are true reflections of the dedication and passion of this Master Winemaker.

Carlo Negri accepted the “Tony Aspler Cuvée Award of Excellence” at the Cuvée Awards ceremony on Saturday,

Carlo Negri - Courtesy of Colio Estate Wines
March 5, 2005. The winery and Carlo were recognized with two Gold Medals: one for the 2002 CEV Merlot Reserve in the Red Wine Category and another for the 2002 CEV Carlo Negri Signature Meritage in the Limited Edition Red Wine category. As well, aside from the gold, the CEV Merlot Reserve took home the “Best in Category” honours.

The year 2005 marks the 25th year of existence for Colio Estate Wines on the provincial wine scene. It was also twenty-five years ago that Carlo Negri came to Canada to
be the winery’s first and only winemaker. Jim Clark, President of Colio Estate Wines, stated, “Those who were fortunate to have experienced his first vintages of Riserva Rosso and Marechal Foch knew that his was a talent that would find its way into the limelight. It was simply inevitable.”(Courtesy of Colio EstateWines)
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