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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Saverio Galli's Art Work
Saverio Galli was born in Ceccano, Frosinone Province, in 1921. He immigrated to Windsor, Canada in 1936 together with his mother and his two sisters. His father had already been in Windsor since 1925.

After completing elementary and high school, Saverio pursued his studies at the Meinzinger art school in Detroit, Michigan. Galli was 18 years old when he presented his first painting at the Caboto Club. It was a painting of this famous Italian explorer, Giovanni Caboto.
Saverio was called into the Canadian Army during the WWII. He was part of the Canadian Highland Light Infantry and was shipped to Europe where he served in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.
In 1947 and 1948, Saverio Galli, helped by a special program by the Government of Canada for the war veterans, started to realize several artistic services. It was an opportunity to establish his career as a painter.
Saverio became a teacher and developed his profession at Riverside High School, Leamington High School, St. Clair College, and the Art Gallery of Windsor (Willistead).

Saverio has received several awards for his beautiful work. His first award was conferred on him by the Western Ontario Art Show in London, Ontario, followed by awards from the Art Gallery of Windsor and the Essex-Kent Show.

Galli had the opportunity to present his art work in several exhibits in Windsor, London, Toronto, Leamington, and Detroit. Saverio has been a member of the Caboto Club for more than 60 years. The paintings done at this Italian club are all part of Saverio Galli’s work and art. The Club is always grateful for his entire masterpiece. He is a man of art and culture and has continuously worked for the Italian community.

Saverio Galli is married to Mary Galli (nee Toffoli) and has four children: Richard, John, Thomas and Angela.

Saverio Galli was named Italian of the Year in 1988.

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