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Thursday, June 20, 2024
Windsor’s Twin City: Udine
Fontana Friulana
Windsor’s Twin City: Udine
P10135 - Fountain in Piazza Udine
  In August 1977, Windsor City Council carried the following motion: “That the City of Udine in the Friuli Region of Italy BE INVITED to enter into a twin-city relationship with the City of Windsor, for the purpose of fostering social, cultural and economic benefits, the City of Udine being an industrial city of approximately 100,000 population, located in the
P10135 - Fountain in Piazza Udine
  north/east section of Italy from which area many Windsor citizens have
emigrated.” (Council Agenda August 291977 - 908/77, Windsor’s Community Archives).

As a result of this twin city relationship, a number of exchanges have occurred between the two cities including:
The donation of the Udine Fountain, received in appreciation of Windsor’s
  economic relief given to northern Italy following an earthquake in 1980
Official visits to Windsor by dignitaries of Udine
Several student exchanges between Windsor and Udine
Windsor’s gift of an obelisk to Udine
Windsor’s participation in a Udine soccer tournament.
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Fontana Friulana
Article for the Twin Cities
  Partial translation of above article by Windsor Italo-Canadian Culture Centre
Subtitle: Given by the province of Udine – a reproduction of the fountain in Forni di Sopra

A Friulian fountain in Canada will strengthen ties with Windsor

A wonderful gift given as a token of the bond of friendship which is becoming closer and more significant with a land in which thousands of Friulians live…the provincial administration of Udine commissioned the Julia marble company of Cividale to build a fountain which, in its form and dimensions, reproduces the one in Forni di Sopra known as the Marioni fountain. The work was transported overseas and there will offer an architectural symbol of the ties that, strengthened in these past few years by the trips and frequent occasions to meet, tend to reduce the distance between the Friuli region and Canada, land of adoption for thousands of our emigrants.

The mayor of Windsor has already informed the province that the fountain will be erected in “Piazza Friuli” at a site which is particularly suitable and easily accessible to citizens and tourists…Courtesy of Windsor’s Community Archives, RG 11 C-IV/8

Article for the Twin Cities  
Courtesy of Windsorís Community Archives, RG11 C1
Courtesy of Windsor’s Community Archives, RG11 C1  
P10605 - Lopez G & A - Twin Cities float close-up
P10606 - Lopez G & A - Twin Cities float long shot

P10605 - Lopez G & A
Twin Cities float close-up

P10606 - Lopez G & A
Twin Cities float long shot

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