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Thursday, June 20, 2024
1200 BC - Beginning of the first Iron Age. The Prisci Latini migrate to Italy from the Danube region.

1000 BC - Latins settle in Latium

1000 BC - Beginning of Etruscan migrations into Italy

10th century BC - First settlement on the Palatine Hill on the future site of Rome

753 BC - Foundation of the city of Rome (according to Varro)

750 BC - Beginning of Greek colonization in Italy: foundation of Ischia, Cumae (754), Naxos in Sicily (735), Syracuse (c.734)

700 BC - Etruscan civilization begins to flourish

750-670 BC - Septimonium: union of settlers of Palatine, Cermalus, Velia, Fagutal, Cuspius, Oppius and Caelius

650 BC - Etruscan expansion into Campania

625 BC - historical founding of Rome
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