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Friday, August 19, 2022
Antonio Stradivari- Courtesy of www.rccr.cremona.it

Antonio Stadivari was born in Cremona, Italy in 1649 or 1650 and died in 1737. He was the son of Alessandro Stradivari and Anna Moroni. In 1667, Antonio began to make stringed instruments. Some violins dated in the seventies and signed by him are supposed to exist, but evidences of Stradivari's workmanship are to be found in many violins of this date which are signed by Nicholas Amati. It is probable that during the years 1667-79 he worked as a pupil in Amati's workshop. In 1680, Stradivari set

himself up in the Piazza San Domenico, and his fame as a violin-maker was soon established. He now began to show his originality and to make alterations in Amati's model. From 1698 to 1725, Stradivari produced his finest instruments. Everything had been foreseen, calculated, and determined with certainty. The instruments produced from 1725-30 were not so fine. After 1730 many were signed "sub disciplina Stradivarii," and were probably made by his sons, Omobono and Francesco. Stradivari was buried in the Basilica of San Domenico.
(Courtesy of www.newadvent.org)

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