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Thursday, June 20, 2024
Courtesy of Windsor/Essex County Sports Hall of Fame

Athlete - Assumption College (which became the University of Windsor) Administrator/Builder/ Coach - Basketball

Henry "Hank" Biasatti was born in the Northern Italian town of Beano, on January 14th, 1922. He passed away on April 20th, 1996.

He attended Gordon McGregor Continuation School (Grade 1 - 10), starring in basketball, softball, and soccer.
He was the leading scorer on the Clansmen, when the team played in the WSSA Jr. Basketball League. At Assumption College he played basketball with great distinction, before and after a three-year start in the Canadian Army (1943-1945). In 1946, a new professional basketball league began play-the Basketball Association of America. Later that year it merged with the National Basketball Association, and the Toronto Huskies signed Biasatti and another Windsorite, Gino Sovran, to lure fans to Maple Leaf Gardens. He was the head Coach for the Assumption University basketball team,1956 - 1962. He was the only Canadian to play on the major league level, in baseball and basketball, with the Philadelphia Athletics in 1949, and the Toronto Huskies (NBA) in 1946.

(Courtesy of Windsor/Essex County Sports Hall of Fame.)

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