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Saturday, May 18, 2024
Courtesy of Windsor/Essex County Sports Hall of Fame
  Siro Martinello was born in Poggiana, Province of Treviso, Italy, on May 10th, 1933. He passed away on January 27th, 1983. The combination of the pursuit of excellence in education and sport, along with sharing talents with others through community involvement, was something Siro believed in. He flourished in fastball and basketball in the city recreation leagues during the 1950's. He was a pitcher in the Ontario Championship Duplate Glass Intermediate fastball club. His athletic career was cut short, in 1958, by a long struggle with tuberculosis, which left him bedridden for over a year. Siro focused on pursuing an excellent coaching and managing career during the 1960s.

One of Siro's main objectives was to assist the young people of our community in furthering their educational dreams through their athletic abilities.

(Courtesy of Windsor/Essex County Sports Hall of Fame.)
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