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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
P10462 - Courtesy of St. Angela Merici Church
  It was a modest church then; a wooden table took the place of an altar; there were no kneelers; there was no heat, and parishioners who packed the new church stood bundled in winter coats. Due to the cold, Masses thereafter were celebrated in Holy Trinity Church, until March, 1940.
P10462 -St. Angela Merici Bowling Alley in the Youth Centre
Courtesy of St. Angela Merici Church
  On Palm Sunday, March 17, 1940, St. Angela Merici Church was finally opened to all Italian faithful.

Now that the church was established through his untiring efforts and work, Fr. DeSantis was advised by the Bishop to return to the United States of America because of World War II, and Father J.F.Fitzpatrick became the new pastor in the summer of 1940. He would remain until Fr. DeSantis was able to return at Christmas, 1942. From that time on, to his retirement, Fr. DeSantis would remain with his parishioners.

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