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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
The Origins of the Church
  In 1920, less than a dozen Italian families resided in the city of Windsor. During the 1920s as the number of immigrants grew...[More]
Father Costantino De Santis
  And so it was on December 22, 1938, Father Constantino DeSantis, at the request of the now new Apostolic Delegate Monsignor I...[More]
Building the Church
  Fr. De Santis went about the task of building the church. The first step was the most difficult: obtaining the necessary funds. Italian families...[More]
The Original Church
  It was a modest church then; a wooden table took the place of an altar; there were no kneelers; there was no heat...[More]
The Youth Centre
  On March 14, 1946, just three and a half years after his return to St. Angela Merici parish, and only eight years after his first arrival ...[More]
Expansion of the Church
  On October 28, 1956, in recognition of the excellent work performed among the Italian people of Windsor, the first pastor...[More]
Scalabrini Fathers
  Monsignor DeSantis' health was beginning to deteriorate but he had overseen the completion of the expansion so that St...[More]
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