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Monday, October 2, 2023
P11315A - Courtesy of Rosina Sorge
  The Statue of the Madonna of Canneto, the “Brown Madonna”, venerated in Windsor, is the work of an artist from Ortisel (Bolzano), GIUSEPPE STUFLESSER, whose expertise enabled him to reproduce exactly the outlines of the statue of the Madonna of Canneto, all the while retaining her maternal aura and her penetrating eyes, which have so captivated her devout following, as well as her dress and her mantle, regal, resplendent, and trimmed with ornaments and gold encrustations reflecting the sixteenth century style of Naples; these have been fabricated by the Campobasso Company of Naples.

Booklet about the Madonna Di Canneto in Windsor

The statue of the Madonna of Canneto has been devoutly valued by the Ciociaro Club of Windsor.
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