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Friday, July 12, 2024
P11302B - Courtesy of Rosina Sorge
  A holy tradition enshrines the apparition of the Madonna and is the genesis of the Sanctuary at Canneto. A white lady, radiant with light and celestial beauty, appeared to a shepherd girl, named Silvana. This occurred while the shepherd girl was caring for her flock in the Valley of Canneto, which is rich in pasture land but lacking in water. The Lady directed the shepherd girl to advise the priest of Settefrati of her wish to have a church dedicated to her in the Valley. The shepherd girl, at once both ecstatic and trembling with a mixture of joy and trepidation, undertook to carry the message, but not immediately, for she had first to graze her flock and then shepherd

Arrival of Maddona Di Canneto in Windsor
them to the lowland where they might drink. The Lady reassured her and by touching her dress lightly caused extremely clear cold water to emerge from
the rocks. She then let her ring fall from her finger into the water and upon striking a rock, it pulverized into tiny grains of gold. To this day, pilgims to Canneto, seek out the tiniest grains of sediment from the waters and call them the “little stars of the Madonna.” The place where the Lady appeared is called Capodacqua.
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