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Thursday, June 20, 2024
P11295A - Halifax's train station where thousands of emigrants from Italy arrived having disembarked at the nearby harbour - Courtesy of Giulia Morasset
P11295B - One of these trains (now a museum in the station of Halifax) was used to transport the newly arrived emigrants to Windsor, Ontario and other Canadian locations - Courtesy of Giulia Morasset
P11297 - Stazione Marittima, Napoli, where thousands Italian immigrants left Italy to immigrate to Canada. Courtesy of Rosina Sorge
P11093 - Postcard of the White Star Ocean Liner. Courtesy of Elena Saffran
P10717 - Rocco Mosna (seated in middle bottom row) on board ship to Canada in 1952. Courtesy of Tony Mosna
Naples Harbor in 1954. The photo is taken from the ship headed towards Canada. Courtesy of Rosina Sorge.
P10827-8 - Maria Di Giacomo came with her daughter Giovina (in Canada Giovina is known as Nella) from Castel Frentano (province of Chieti, Abruzzi region). They boarded the Andrea Doria from Naples to come to Canada. On July 25, 1956, the last night at sea, the foghorns had been sounding for hours because it was dark and very foggy. Maria had left the cabin to take her daughter to the bathroom, when suddenly there was a big bang caused by the collision with the ocean liner Stockholm, near Nantucket, Massachusetts. People, panic stricken, started screaming and scrambling around. There was confusion and chaos. Both of them ran to the upper deck, where many people were gathered, waiting to be rescued. They were helped to descend into one of the waiting lifeboats which transported them to the rescue ship Ile de France. Courtesy of Maria Di Giacomo
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