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Saturday, May 18, 2024
Canadian Policy toward Italians
  The massive Italian presence in Canada is a post World War II phenomenon. 1947 – Canada removed the Enemy Alien Act. The immigration restrictions were lifted, the gates were opened, and hundreds...[More]
Post War Windsor Italian Canadians
  From the early 1970s, Italians literally stopped coming to Canada. Since the end of the World War Two, the Windsor Italian Canadians have made a great and amazing progress. They have an economic stability...[More]
Little Italies
  Massive waves of Italians came to Canada especially after the World War Two. They created an expanded Italian neighborhood in the main cities. The new immigrants needs for a house, a job, friendship...[More]
The Journey to Canada
  The Italian Canadian writer Marisa De Franceschi describes her family voyage to Canada in her first novel “Surface Tension”...[More]

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