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Thursday, June 20, 2024
Throughout the years, the Italian Language media—radio, print and television—have played an important role within the community. They have helped maintain the Italian language and culture, while keeping listeners, readers and viewers up to date on news and events within the Italian community, in Canada, Italy and the world.
La Gazzetta
  La Gazzetta (S.W. Ontario and Michigan, U.S.A.) was founded in 1972, in the spirit of Canada’s then new policy of multiculturalism...[More]
The Cultural Mercury
  “The Cultural Mercury” (Il Mercurio Culturale) – 1981 – 198?: Published by the Windsor Italo-Canadian Culture Centre (WICCC)...[More]
Local Media—1950s to Present
  Living in a border city, Windsor’s Italians have also had access, over the years, to many radio and TV programs broadcast from Detroit...[More]
It’s the Armando, Carmine Show!

Ever since he was a youngster in Italy, Armando Viselli had a penchant for writing. But, after moving to Canada and raising...[More]

The Alfio Golini Show
  It was the winter of the year 1955; a new radio station was coming into life in Leamington, Ontario, CJSP, now CHYR...[More]
Anna Maria Tremonti
  Anna Maria Tremonti is the host of the CBC Radio's “The Current”.
Anna Maria Tremonti was born and raised in...[More]

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