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Saturday, May 18, 2024
P10824 - Ad in the February 18th, 1976 issue of La Gazzetta for an Italian radio program
  Living in a border city, Windsor’s Italians have also had access over the years to many radio and TV programs broadcast from Detroit and other nearby Michigan cities.

P10824 - Ad in the February 18, 1976 issue of La Gazzetta for an Italian radio program. Courtesy of La Gazzetta.
 Schedule of the Italian Programs
Schedule of the Italian Programs Click here to see larger image
  Radio Programs

Arcobaleno musicale italiano
Pomeriggio musicale italiano
Sette note
WMZK radio
CJOM – Mattutino Musicale
Domenica Insieme (WMZK)

Alfio Golini
Alfio Golini
Armando e Carmine Viselli
Jimmy Ruggiero
Enrico and Veronica Mancini
St. Angela Merici
“ I” come Italia
Musica Italia

Scalabrini Fathers
Jimmy Ruggiero
Vince Mancina
  TV Programs

The Frank De Angelis Show (Channel 9)
Carosello Italiano
Johnny Lombardi Show (Channel 22)

Frank De Angelis

Raffaele De Benedictis
Johnny Lombardi
  Panorama italiano

Mosaico Italiano
Former Producers: Armando Bonfiglio, Antonio Zompanti
Current Producer: Luigi Tosti

Anna Saurini
Frank De Angelis, in the 70s, had the vision to start Italian program on TV. He conducted and produced the program for a number of years with the CBC Channel 9. He was also responsible to start another Italian program in Leamington. Frank De Angelis was the leader of the Italian TV program in Windsor and Essex County.

Carosello Italiano

The very first program was called The Frank De Angelis Show with CBC Channel 9, conducted and directed by Frank De Angelis.

The content of the program varied: from news, local and from Italy; entertainment; local events, sports, just to name a few.

In 1983 CBC had some cuts for ethnic programs and The Frank De Angelis Show was broadcasted by Trillium Cable. Trillium Cable became Shaw Cable in 1995 and Cogeco Cable 11, in 1997.

In 1984, Ralph De Benedictis joined Frank De Angelis in producing and hosting the program, and in 1985, Ralph De Benedicits became the only producer and conductor. Therefore, he changed the name of the program to “Carosello Italiano”.

De Benedictis successfully conducted and produced the program until October 2004. Later the program merged with Panorama Italiano.

Panorama Italiano

This one hour program was started in 1984 by Frank De Angelis in Leamington and broadcasted on Essex Cable Trillium. The content of the program is similar to the Frank De Angelis Show but covered local events in the Leamington area. There were tentatives by Armando Bonfiglio to produce the program. Roma Club of Leamington became the main sponsor of the program. Tony Zompanti produced the program for almost 20 years until he retired in December 2003 . In 1995, the name of the station was changed to Shaw Cable. Shortly after, the station in Leamington was closed and moved to Windsor. In 1997, the station changed the name again to Cogeco TV, Cable 11.

In January 2004, Luigi Tosti took over the production from Tony Zompanti. To reach Panorama Italiano you may call Luigi Tosti at 972 1355, send a fax at the same number, or e-mail at panoramaitaliano@cogeco.ca.

Mosaico Italiano

Mosaico Italiano was a half hour program started in October 2003, by Anna Saurini. The program was broadcasted on Cogeco Cable 11 and featured stories of Italian immigrants from Southern Ontario.

In October 2004, the management of Cogeco Cable suggested that three Italian programs be merged into a single one hour program. Carosello Italiano merged with Panorama Italiano. However, Mosaico Italiano (produced by M.G.A. Studio Productions) moved to Southshore Broadcasting CFTV 34 in Leamington, Ontario. Mosaico Italiano is now a sixty-minute program that promotes the Italo-Canadian culture, from biographies to every day events.

Anna Saurini is the host of Mosaico Italiano and is the Italian Program Director with Southshore Broadcasting CFTV 34. She may be reached at mosaicoitaliano@cogeco.ca or 519-735-9865. Lori N. Oliverio is the president of M.G.A Studio Productions and is the Windsor and Essex County representative and videographer for TLN Telelatino (which provides Italian, Spanish/Hispanic and Canadian programming). Her work has been aired on “Notte Bene” and “Oggi” segments. Contact Lori at mgastudioproductions@cogeco.ca

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