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Saturday, May 18, 2024
P11347A - Alfio Golini - Tickets for the show hosted by Alfio
                    Golini and Nicolino Di Donato, 1960
  (Story by Alfio Golini)

It was the winter of the year 1954; a new radio station was coming into life in Leamington, Ontario, CJSP, now CHYR.

- P11347A - Alfio Golini - Tickets for the show hosted by Alfio Golini and Nicolino Di Donato, 1960
  I was living in Windsor, working for a Travel and Insurance Agency. I had been in Canada for five years and I had not found my way yet. At that time, my
yet. At that time, my friend George Bonavia had suggested to the manager of this new station to reach the various ethnic people living in the Essex County area, through a special program on Sunday called Citizens All.

I was invited to be the host of the Italian segment. With George Bonavia we went to Leamington to meet the manager, Mr. John Garton, and the program manager, Mr. Lou Tomasi. They interviewed me; they gave me some news items from the teletype which I translated and I did a voice test.

P11349 - Alfio Golini - Show hosted by Alfio Golini, with him Terry Barichello
  I guess they were pleased because I got the job and on February 20,1955 the Alfio Golini Show was aired for the first time, a 15 minute segment which later became a four and a half hour program, the first in Southwestern Ontario.

The beginning was hard. I had no Italian records. I had to borrow some from

P11349 - Alfio Golini - Show Hosted by Alfio Golini, and with him, Terry Barichello
  my friends; they were the big 78rpm. I remember one Sunday morning, I was getting the records from the passenger
side of my car; I dropped them.... BINGO ! I had no music for that Sunday. But I was lucky; the station library had some South American music which I was able to use for that Sunday.

I was doing the program live, but in the later years I used to tape a two-hour segment, so that I could come back home earlier. I had a recording studio at the nuns’ residence; later we transferred the studio to the basement of Mr. Terry Barichello, who was my technician in charge of recording....he was the best. I have had some good friends who helped me with the program, Mr. Nicolino Di Donato, Mr Luigi Pilon and Mr. Jimmy Ruggiero. A special thanks goes to Ester Golini, my wife, and Marisa Golini, my daughter, who helped with special programs. I retired from doing the Alfio Golini Show in the Fall of the year 1986.

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