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Thursday, June 20, 2024

What is the importance of being Italian? Italians have been in Windsor for more than a hundred years. The majority of the Italian immigration in Canada, especially in Windsor, took place after the War. When Italians came to this whole new country, they tried to keep and preserve the customs, traditions, and lifestyle lived for generations, but they also tried to adjust to this new life. As time passed the subsequent generations started to be more Canadian than Italian. The disappearance of all that valuable part of the Italian heritage is at risk. Learning more about Italian social-cultural and spiritual life will help in the rediscovery of the language and the traditions. Italians have a definite imprint in the fabric of Canadian society.

Italians have created a home away from home called “Little Italy”, opened shops, churches, clubs and their famous restaurants. Many Italians still speak their mother tongue at home. They have their Italian language media-radio, print and television which has played an important role within the community. They have helped maintain the Italian language and culture while keeping listeners, readers and viewers up-to-date on news and events within the Italian community in Canada, Italy and the world.

The threat of assimiliation is real for Italian-Canadians. Subsequent generations tend to speak and understand less Italian; they tend to know more about Canada than Italy. Also, the Italians have a higher rate of marrying outside their ethnic community than others in the Canadian multicultural society. To prevent the Italian culture from dying, many clubs, associations and societies have been formed.

In the meantime, Italians have added their talents to the Canadian culture. They represent their Italian origins in writing, painting, music, acting, photography, etc. Also, Italian-Canadians are well represented in sports, business, and politics.

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