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Friday, July 12, 2024
The Italian community, in all its complexity, has imprinted itself on the history and culture of Windsor. As Dr. Walter Temelini states: The Windsor Italian community is not a homogeneous unit... The Windsor Italian Canadians are as different as their regions of origin... Yet [they] have been able to unite on various occasions, for various reasons, not just for moments of tragedy, such as earthquakes and floods in Italy, but building a church for example. It is not uniformity that is important or advisable,but the will to act in unity toward noble goals, ideals and values that
Source: Italia Province e Regioni
Atlante Geografico Zanichelli
Courtesy of Caterina Lopez
enhance the individual and society. (Dr. Walter Temelini, oral presentation, May 13, 1986, as part of the Windsor Cultural Heritage Series).
This digitized exhibition presents a collage of various elements which make up the Italian community in Windsor. While there is not the space to tell the whole story (is there ever enough space to do this?), it is hoped that some of the richness of the history and culture of this community will be revealed here. The exhibition touches on topics such as the wartime period, immigration, businesses, sports, clubs and associations, culture, arts, crafts, religion and family life. And underlying it all is the importance of the memories of and links to Italy (sometimes several generations back), imprinted on the minds and hearts of the Italian community in Windsor, and imprinted on Windsor itself.
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