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Saturday, May 18, 2024
Scores of Italians Arrested in Fascist Purges
    The following article and photos are taken from the Windsor Daily Star issue of June 12th, 1940 when many Italians were...[More]
List of Internment Camps(WWII)
  During World War II, the War Measures Act was used again to intern Canadians, and 26 internment camps were set up across Canada...[More]
Camp 33 Petawawa, Ontario
  The plans had been in official documents ever since the previous September(1939), when one of the most civil...[More]
Internment: The Process
  In deciding to intern many hundreds of so-called enemies and Canadian citizens, the government acted more to placate public opinion...[More]
  Canada lifted immigration restrictions on Italy in 1947, with over 500,000 Italians immigrating between ’47 –’83. On November 4, 1990...[More]

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