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Friday, July 12, 2024
  The development of this community seems to reflect the immigration and settlement pattern established by historians for Canada in general and for other Canadian urban centres in particular: from migrant workers in the late 1800s to permanent residents at the beginning of this century. Also similar is the process of growth in the subsequent decades: the early nucleus, consisting not just of ditch-diggers or factory workers but small merchants, businessmen, tradesmen and an occasional professional person, slowly expanded and progressed into a varied and complex Canadian ethno cultural group: with over three quarters of a million people today it is the fourth largest in Canada. (Walter Temelini, The Italians in Windsor. Polyphony, Vol.7 No.2)

The Windsor Italian community is mostly the result of the mass migrations which happened after the Second World War through the sponsorship program. Sponsoring family members demonstrates the value and the strength of the Italian family.

The Italians are the product of the two cultures, two ways of life. They are proud of their Italian origin, but also proud of their adopted land. The first generation is conservative in their way of life. The most important thing for them is the family, traditions, ties to the country of origin, culture and language.

Since the end of World War II, the Windsor Italians have made remarkable progress. They have an economic stability, which allows them to be more

involved in the community. Also they have established a commercial environment, and they provide services in the Italian language or in dialects. In addition to their social and economic advantages, they participate in political and cultural life. The integration of the Italian families into Canadian life depended and depends on the strength that they have with their country of origin. The love of family and family values are the main thing that the older generations want to pass on to the newer ones.
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