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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
P10771- Backyard gathering at 2704 Parent Blvd, June 1956. Emma Ruzza (foreground at right) came to Windsor in April 1952. Her son Sergio had come to Windsor one or two years prior and Emma, missing her son, convinced her other four children and their families to move to Canada. Courtesy of Andreina Kobrosli
P10829 - Maria Vitale’s 15th birthday party with her family, June 1956. Maria had arrived in Windsor in 1954 with her mother Filomena Vitale (a war widow) and her grandmother Saveria Mandato. The party was also a family reunion with uncles from Montreal and Cleveland, Ohio attending. Courtesy of Maria Carriero
P10833- Teresina Favaro and Filomena Vitale cook at St. Angela Merici Hall, 1980. Teresina began at the hall in 1963 and Filomena in 1967. Both did a lot of volunteer work at the church. Courtesy of Maria Carriero
P10783- Sebastiano “Tony” Dario boarded in this house at 1464 Parent Avenue (later 1558 Parent) prior to his marriage in 1929. The house was owned by Mose Sartori, who together with Angelo Gatti and Moro Toldo were from the same home town of Codogne, Treviso, Italy. It was quite common for immigrants to board with family or friends when they first arrived in Windsor. Tony is listed as the foreman in Cadwell Sand and Gravel Co in the 1929 City Directory. Courtesy of Elena Saffran
P10832- Laundry workers at Hotel Dieu Hospital, February 1956. Filomena Vitale and Giuseppina Bergamin are the third and second from the right in the back row. Courtesy of Maria Carriero
P10785- Picnic somewhere in Windsor/Essex County, early 1950s. The couple on the left is Frank and Maria Padovan. The couple on the right is Sebastiano and Maria Dario. Courtesy of Elena Saffran
P10787- Elena Dario in backyard of Ellis Avenue house, 1938. Courtesy of Elena Saffran
P10616- Christmas dinner with the extended family at Agostino and Giulietta Lopez’s home. Courtesy of Giulietta and Agostino Lopez.
P11117 A-Letter of Ilde Rusich on September 18, 1953, to her sister, Maria, in Italy. Courtesy of Nevi Rusich.
P11117 B-Letter of Ilde Rusich on September 18, 1953, to her sister, Maria, in Italy. Courtesy of Nevi Rusich.
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