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Friday, August 19, 2022
P10627 - Regis Club play in 1962. Courtesy of Caterina Lopez.
P10628 - Caterina Pappagallo Lopez and Pierino Pellarin in drama “Luci e ombre sui cuori”, 1962. Courtesy of Caterina Lopez.
P11158B- Regis club dinner and dance ticket, 1963. Courtesy of Terry and Agnese Barichello.
P11215 - In 1969 Regis Club plays “'La notte del vagabondo”. From left, Father Lino Santi, Fernando Busico, Leo Adragna, Tino, Tony Colarossi, ? Moro, Alfio Golini, Terry Barichello, Linda Busico, Vincenza Acchione. Courtesy of Linda and Fernando Busico.
Pronto Soccorso
“Pronto Soccorso” -A sketch by Regis Club, 1968. Michele Calamita, Tony Mancuso, Mario Signorelli, Fernando Busico. Courtesy of Linda and Fernando Busico.
P11347B - Ticket for the play “Fedelta” by Nicolino Di Donato, 1961. Courtesy of Alfio Golini.
P11159- First edition of “Regis Opening”, 1965. Courtesy of Domenica and Florindo Mandarino.
P11183 - Script for the "Luci e Ombre sui Cuori", 1962. Courtesy of Caterina Lopez.
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