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Friday, July 12, 2024
P10879 - Armando Viselli - La Passatella play

Viselli Brothers wanted to expose their Italian heritage through video and shows. Their production company was named “The Happy Gang”.

Viselli Brothers have documented their heritage through productions, such as “La Ballata Ciociaria”, a production that honours the old traditions of Rome, or Ciociaria; “The Man and the Bird”, “The Twins”, “Roma Nostra”, “Er carelliere a Vino”, “Smokey and Me”. These were all created in their modest garage/studio.

“La Passatella” is a musical tragic comedy in three acts. La Passatella is a reflection of life in Southern Italy and Rome. Armando Viselli originally wrote “La Passatella” in the 1970s, when it was broadcasted on public radio in Detroit, on its Italian Musical Program. The opera sat on the shelf until 1998. The comedy was performed at the Caboto Club in 1999.

The comedy, “La classe dei Cervelloni (The classroom of the Smart People)”, was produced in 2000, by Armando and Carmine, for the 75th Anniversary of the Caboto Club.
“I seguaci Di Confucio” is also another musical comedy, played at the Caboto Club in 2001.

P10879 - Armando Viselli-
La Passatella play
P10881 - Armando Viselli -
La Ballatta Ciociaria
P10882 - Armando Viselli -Play for 75th Anniversary of the Caboto Club
P10882 - Armando Viselli -Play for 75th Anniversary of the Caboto Club  
P10883 - Armando Viselli –Confucio - A Musical Comedy
P10883 - Armando Viselli –
Confucio - A Musical Comedy
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