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Thursday, June 20, 2024
Family History is the documented facts, history, family tree, and stories of an individual or family, designed to become a historical document of that family or individual.

Generally the people creating the family history are concerned with describing where the family originated from, members of that family, marriages and preserving this history for future generations.

Family Histories are often created as a memorial for deceased individual descendants and are written to be passed down to future generations of that family and are closely tied to the field of Genealogy.
Baldassa Family
Gerardo Nardiello Family
Giovanni Lo Mascolo Family
Giulio Giuseppe Caldarelli Family
Giuseppe Pavan Family
Gualtieri Family
Lino P. Catroppa Family
Louis Fortunato Calsavara Family
Mancini Family
Minello Family
Muzzatti Family
Picco Family
Pupatello Family
Scodeller Family
Stephen De Marco Family
Vennettilli Family

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