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Friday, February 23, 2024

The story begins in Casalvieri, Frosinone, Italy in the “contrada” of Roselli, a beautiful town full of childhood memories for Maria Pia Iolanda Giancarlo and Ulderico Loreto Vennettilli. Ulderico was born in 1936. He was the fourth of six children in his family. Maria Pia was the youngest of the five girls in Giancarlo family.

In 1953, Ulderico Vennettilli’s sister, Natalina Carlesimo, who was living in Windsor with her husband, Agostino, completed an “atto di richiamo” (summons for immigrating) for her brother, Ulderico. Ulderico borrowed money from his uncle and left Naples, Italy in 1954 on board the ship named “Homeline”. He arrived at Pier 21, in Halifax (like many other immigrants) with no money in his pocket and a heart full of aspiration. Ulderico knew well that he had to repay his uncle back in Detroit.

Upon his arrival, the Government of Canada gave him $10.00 as a goodwill gesture. The trip to Windsor was a long one, and he used some of that money to buy “Sponge bread”, which he had not eaten since he had left home and “it did not taste like mom’s”. He traveled for two days and three nights on a train, until he reached Grand Trunk Station in Windsor, Ontario and was greeted by his sister and family with open arms.

Ulderico’s first job in Canada was at the city market. At the same time, he was attending school in Detroit, Michigan to be a TV repairman. Ulderico finished his education in 1961. Later, he went back to Italy and married a beautiful woman from his home town by the name Maria Pia Giancarlo. Maria and Ulderico returned to Canada together. The couple opened their first store in 1963, on Erie Street East and Goyeau, and named it "Guaranteed “A” Radio, TV Sales and Service."

Their family grew, as did the business. They had three children: Riccardo, Antonio and Donato. The children learned quickly that it took hard work and dedication for their family business to thrive. The boys helped their parents in the business, working after school and in between classes. In 1967, the Vennettilli family purchased their first store, on the corner of Hall and Tecumseh Rd, and conducted business by selling televisions and appliances, as well as repairing electronics.

In 1975, the family business moved to Tecumseh and Norman Road, which later was followed by an addition in 1981. In 1996, Guaranteed “A” moved to its current location at 4735 Tecumseh Road East. It is now known as Guaranteed “A” Fine Furniture. The store was remodeled and expanded in 2000, with the latest products and ideas in the home furnishing industry. Today the third generation of the Vennettilli family is involved in the family business. The children of Richard and Jessica Vennettilli, Christopher, Marisa, and Alexa, and the children of Tony and Anna Vennettilli, Alyssa and Nicholas are following in their parents' footsteps.

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