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Thursday, June 20, 2024
P11971 - Anthony Pupatello - Vince and Sam Pupatello, 1954
P11972 - Anthony Pupatello - Vince Pupatello in the first company truck, September 1954
P11971 - Anthony Pupatello - Vince and Sam Pupatello, 1954
P11972 - Anthony Pupatello - Vince Pupatello in the first company truck, September 1954

Salvatore (Sam) and Vinicio (Vince) Pupatello, the sons of the late Antonio Pupatello and Elisabetta Conti, have lived in Canada close to a half a century. Both chose Windsor, Ontario as their place to live and raise their children. Sam and Vince were born in Sezze Romano, in the province of Latina, a small town close to the Tyrrhenian Sea, 60 km south of Rome.

Prior to immigrating to Canada, Vince and Sam played important roles in the daily management of their father’s business. He was a well respected produce broker with major business activities in Italy and Germany. The Pupatello brothers enjoy the love and respect of their sisters Pina (DeAngelis), Sister Maria Lorenza Pupatello (Mother Superior of a congregation in Rome), the late Eugenia and the late Caterina (Fontana).

Sam moved to Canada in 1950, first to Winnipeg, Manitoba and a short time later to Windsor. In 1953, Sam’s girlfriend, Giuseppina (DiLenola), came to Windsor, where they married at St. Angela Merici Church. After working various low paying jobs throughout Essex County in the farming industry, Sam was hired by the Canadian Auto Trim Company. He also worked for Matthews Lumber and Scofan Construction. In 1954, his first child, Anthony, was born, followed by daughters Mary (Solan) and Anna (Pelle).

In 1953, Sam’s brother Vince decided to move to Canada. Vince worked for Scofan Contractors as a labourer, bricklayer and then as a foreman.

In 1959, Vince and Sam decided to open a new page in the book of their lives, starting the Pupatello Brothers Construction Company. In June of the same year, Vince married Concetta Colucci, from the province of Benevento. Their first son Fabio was born in 1960, followed by daughters Elisabeth (Betschel), Donna (Lorkovich), Laurie (Siddall) and another son, Vince Jr.

Vince and Sam decided to start their business activities in Windsor with some work in Toronto, Ontario. They travelled back and forth with a Ford pickup truck, that many times left them stranded on Highway #2, and came home only on the weekends. From a two-man operation, their company enjoyed a steady growth and new work forces were being added to their team.

During all this time, Sam and Vince maintained and kept alive their cultural heritage, family traditions, integrity, and uniqueness. Sam died in 2001, and Vince retired soon after. The company is still active and the legacy continues with their sons Tonio and Fabio. The flaming torch is now in the hands of a new generation.

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