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Monday, October 2, 2023
P11253 - Mirella Mancini(Simoni) - Mancini Family - 50th anniversary of Pietro e Mirella
  Mirella Mancini (Simoni) was born in Patrica, Frosinone Province in 1929. Pietro Mancini was born in Supino (Frosinone) in 1925. They were married in Supino in July 1945. At that time Mirella was 16 years old and Pietro 19. One year later, Giuseppina, their first baby, was born.

The Mancini family were landowners and therefore took care of numerous fields. At that time it was customary to bring breakfast to the workers on the farm.
P11253 - Mirella Mancini(Simoni) - Mancini Family - 50th anniversary of Pietro e Mirella.
Mirella had to get up very early in the morning to prepare the food and then walk for four or five km to reach them for their
break. At the age of 20, Mirella had the second baby, a son: Franco. In 1949, Pietro’s father passed away leaving Pietro and Mirella with two children ages 3 years, and 7 months, and a great deal of farmland to manage.

In 1952, Pietro immigrated to Canada, leaving Mirella and the children to look after the farmland. Upon his arrival he first worked at various jobs, until he found a permanent one and was able to buy a house. In 1956, Mirella and the two children joined Pietro in Canada.

Mirella began working at a Fish Company handling ice ten hours a day, six days a week, for a weekly wage of $25.00. She worked there until 1961. Then Mirella decided to open a modest grocery store. A year later, the business was growing and they wanted to expand the store.

Five years later, Mirella's original partners, Filomeau and Virgilio, decided to quit the partnership in the store, so Mirella and Pietro bought their share. After school, the children would join to help the parents in running the business. In 1973, the business, “Italia Food Market”, moved three blocks away into a store double the size of the previous one. They operated this supermarket until 1988. In the meantime, at the location of the former grocery store, Pietro and Mirella opened the Italia Bakery. Later, they decided to sell the supermarket in order to concentrate the efforts on the bakery. Within two years of dedicated work, the business operations and clientele had tripled. Mirella and Pietro decided to expand the place. They bought six houses behind the bakery as more space was needed. The houses were demolished to expand the working area and double the frontage of the present premises adjacent to the old bakery. Today, they employ 20 people at the bakery.

In 1996, due to operational improvement and as a family united and dedicated to the business, the Mancini family doubled the bread production. The second floor houses several offices managed by Franco Mancini (Mirella and Pietro’s son). Their son-in-law, Carlo Savoni, was in charge of overseeing the operational performance and product in the bakery. Ida Mancini and Josie Savoni now operate Italia Bakery full-time

Pietro and Mirella are proud of their sacrifices. They are enjoying the fruits of their labours with family and relatives in peace and good health.

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