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Thursday, June 20, 2024
Windsor 1967  Tarcisio Baldassa and his daughter Mara, in front of their small house
  Canada-Italy, the Journey and the Return (Tarcisio Baldassa)

Five brothers and one sister, from the eight children of the Baldassa Family in Resana, in the province of Treviso, experienced the immigration to North America. Nella (Marina), the sister, was the first to immigrate to Canada in 1950, along with her husband from the Stocco family from Campigo, also in Treviso province. She and her husband settled in Windsor close to the American border.

Windsor 1967 – Tarcisio Baldassa and his daughter Mara, in front of their small house (rented). Courtesy of Linda and Fernando Busico.
  Nella’s husband found a job as a road construction labourer, and later as a building construction labourer. Nella was working as a waitress. Today, Nella still lives in Windsor, after her husband's death, close to her three married daughters.
Gianni Baldassa immigrated to Canada in 1951 followed by another brother, Giuseppe, in 1953. At first, they settled at their sister’s house, Nella, in Windsor. Gianni married an American girl of Sicilian origin, whom he met at a dance hall in Windsor. After the wedding, Gianni settled in the United States. He opened a restaurant in Florida, but the business didn’t go well. Later he worked as a bricklayer in Detroit. Giuseppe, who was married prior to his coming to Canada, sponsored his wife to join him in Canada. He found a job as a road construction labourer. Giuseppe returned to Italy after nine years. He came to Canada to stay only for a few years, a period that would allow him to save some money and return to Italy.

Piero Baldassa immigrated to Canada in 1954. He divided his settlement between Windsor and Halifax working for a construction company. After nine months, Piero found out that he could not stand working like that and returned to Resana, in Italy.

Mario, another brother, immigrated to Switzerland in 1963. He worked there for 10 years and then returned to Italy.

Tarcisio Baldassa immigrated to Canada in June 1966 at the age of 29. He settled in Windsor, close to his sister Nella. Later his wife and daughter joined him in Canada. They rented a small house in the Italian neighbourhood. Tarcisio worked as a carpenter. In six years, he saved enough money to finish the construction of his house in Italy which he started prior to his coming to Canada. Tarcisio liked living in Windsor among Italians, but he missed his country very much. He did not intend to settle in Canada forever and Tarcisio Baldassa and his family returned to Italy in 1972.

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