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Saturday, May 18, 2024
P12068- Trevisani Nel Mondo Committee
The Trevisani, scattered around the world, began to form groups of friends from their towns and today they are known as “Trevisani Nel Mondo” (Trevisani in the World). Many large cities abroad have such clubs, including the City of Windsor, Ontario. It was established in 1964, and the club's first get-together was called “Il Banchetto Del Radicchio” (The Radicchio
P12068- Trevisani Nel Mondo Committee
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  Banquet). The four organizers were Egidio Dario, Gino Favaro, Elio Grando

and Ennio Petruzzi. In 1976, there was another celebration of the “Radicchio” at St. Patricks Church Hall, in Windsor. Egidio Dario, Gino Favaro, Natale Martin and Albio Masaro organized this festival. It was then officially decided to establish the club.

Two years later, in 1978, the first directors of the club were elected. After a symposium, helped by Don Canuto Toso’s many suggestions, various people were approached for positions of responsibility within the club: the first President was Egidio Dario, Vice President, Bruno Cusinato, and Secretary/Treasurer, Maria Battagin. From then on, many people were involved in the advancement of the club. The following are the 2005 - 07 members of the executive committee: President Egidio Dario, Forner President Maria Battagin, Vice President Natilie Martin, Treasurer Pietro Quagliotto and Secretary Norma Minello Popovich.

The purpose of the “Trevisani Nel Mondo” club is to provide friendship, to share amongst themselves and their children the common heritage and culture of their land, and to spread the traditions and the virtues of their people.

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