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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Nick Vitale - Carretto Siciliano
P10813 - Courtesy of the Windsor Star, Photo by Grant Black.

Carretto Siciliano. Courtesy of Nick Vitale

Framed by the shovel handle that symbolizes the start of construction on their new clubhouse are Sicilia Club vice-president Frank Ala, Italian vice-consul Frank De Angelis and club building committee chairman Frank Italiano, August 18th, 1981. P10813
In 1978, a group of Sicilian men proud to be Italian, Sicilian and Canadian, created the Sicilia Club. In January, 1979, the founders elected Nick Vitale as the President of Sicilia Club.
P10812 - Courtesy of the Windsor Star
  As a president of the Club, Mr. Vitale went around the Sicilian community of Windsor in order to unite them for the purpose of buying property and building a club. In 1980, they bought the property, built the Sicilia Club and the banquet hall was opened. The property was 15 acres and the building could accommodate almost 900 people. The hall was used for weddings, dances, reunions, etc. In 1982 - 83, the club started to fall apart. Some members wanted to keep the club going, while others did not. The club was facing financial difficulties and the committee called a meeting. They decided to sell the property to pay the debts. During his 8 years as president, Mr. Vitale saw the Sicilia Club from
Miss Sicilia Club 1986, Maria Guastella, daughter of Giuseppe and Giovanna Guastella, P10812
  60 members in the beginning to 426 the day the club was closed. (Courtesy of Nick Vitale)
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