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Thursday, June 20, 2024
Socio-Cultural Associations
Religious Associations
Socio-Cultural Associations

Associazione Alcamese - President is Maria Faraci
Associazione Culturale Siciliana – President is Pietro Panzica
Associazione Nazionale Reduci e Combattenti – President is Anthony Como
Associazione Veneti Nel Mondo – President is Gabriella Bontorin
Gruppo Veterani d’Italia
– President is Mario Petruzzi
Montallegro Heritage Foundation of Windsor
- President is Joe Canzoneri
Puglia Club
– President is Emanuele Calamita
Roma Club
– President is Frank Gabriele
Sicilian Club
– President is Franca Vella
VIA ITALIA Community Centre
– President is Cathy Pozzobon

Religious Associations
  Associazione Maria SS. Del Rosario – President is Adelaide La Posta
C.W.L. of St. Angela – President is Maria Carriero
Gruppo Del Crocefisso Dell’Ascolto
– President is Bice Marignani
Pastoral Care of St. Angela
– President is Stefania Lapico
St.Vincent De Paul
– President is Fabio De Menech
Societa S. Nome
– President is Tony Mucciaccio
Societa S. Francesco Di Paola
– President is Frank Gualtieri
Ushers Club of St. Angela
– President is Emanuele Calamita
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