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Thursday, June 20, 2024

I1 Coro Italiano was formed in 1962, under the name Il Coro Fogolar Furlan. The choir’s beginnings were linked both to the Fogolar Furlan Club and to St. Angela Church. Il Coro originally came together through the efforts of two individuals – Giuseppe DeMonte and Amelio Pez. After 5 years, Il Coro Fogolar Furlan became Il Coro Italiano. The first concert of Il Coro took place on February 16, 1963, with 37 choristers at the Fogolar Furlan, under the skillful and superb direction opf Rev. Father Umberto Rizzi. By 1965, Il Coro Italiano made a recording of popular Italian songs and in 1968 a recording of Italian Christmas carols. Their songs were heard on television, radio, and several concerts were held in London, Toronto, Chicago, Detroit, and Windsor. Later in the 70's, from their repertoire of folk songs, Il Coro Italiano ventured in singing operatic excerpts and compositions in English under the direction of Rev. Father Ramiero Alessandrini.

As their repertoire expanded, so did their destinations. Il Coro Italiano was invited to perform in Edmonton, Calgary, and Banff in 1978, Montreal and Ottawa in 1981, and St. John's Newfoundland in 1997. It was there that the choristers performed for an audience of 5000 people for the celebration of the 500th anniversary of Giovanni Caboto's landing in Canada. In 1999, they were invited to Vancouver to help raise funds for the construction of a new church.

In 1998, the members of Il Coro Italiano were the recipients of the 'Man of the Year' award given by the Giovanni Caboto Club of Windsor in recognition of their hard work, enthusiasm, dedication, love of Italian lyrics, and commitment tp spread their joy to others.

Four conductors have molded the long lasting choir for more than 40 years: Fr. Umberto Rizzi, Fr. Ramiero Alessandrini, Fr. Pietro Gandolfi, and the current maestro, Mr. Angelo Nadalin. Il Coro Italiano is keeping the tradition of Italian song alive (Marty Gervais, Keeping with Tradition)

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