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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
The Ciociaro Club.  Courtesy of the Ciociaro Club, P10760
Courtesy of the Ciociaro Club, P10759
Courtesy of the Windsor Star, P10802.
Interior Hall of the Ciociaro Club.  Courtesy of the Ciociaro Club, P10763
Aerial View of the Ciociaro Club site.  Courtesy of the Ciociaro Club, P10761
P10637 Caterina Lopez Photo - Folk Dancing at Ciociaro Club
P10638 Caterina Lopez Photo - Ciociaro Club Folk Dancers Mary Anne Lopez in Foreground
P10639 Caterina Lopez Photo - Making Dough for Ciambelle at Ciociaro Club
P10640 Caterina Lopez Photo - Making Sausage at Ciociaro Club
P10641 Caterina Lopez Photo - John Lopez and Folk dancing at the Ciociaro Club
P10758 Ciociaro Club Photo - Procession of St. Ononrio, June 1997 in Front of Ciociaro Club
P10762 Ciociaro Club Photo - Pavillion of Ciociaro Club
P10764 Ciociaro Club Photo - Feste De Pane and Corn Harvest September 1999
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