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Thursday, June 20, 2024
Angileri, Courtesy of Heather Butt

Angileri, Courtesy of Heather Butt
Angileri Lumber first opened for business in February 1976. The owners of the company are Mike, Vince, Angelo and Sal Angileri. They were born in Marsala, Sicily. Vince has been involved in the business since the beginning. Their sister, Angela, was the first to come to Canada, in 1956. Mike Angileri came over in 1961 followed by the other brothers. Mike was trained in construction and mosaic work; Vince was a tool and die maker; Angelo was a clothing salesman and Sal was a winemaker. Mike started to do home renovations in 1966. In 1971, Mike Angileri became sole owner of Windsor Building Products and its sister company, Superior Construction. The Angileri Brothers decided to start the company in 1976 and they put the whole family together. In 1976, they opened Angileri Lumber, starting as a siding supplier. They quickly expanded over the years and in 2000 they opened their second location in Amherstburg.
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