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Monday, September 25, 2023
P11342A - Giovanni Todesco - Family business, Volvo -Hyundai Dealership

Giovanni Todesco developed mechanical skills in his early teens. He immigrated to Canada in 1956 and, except for a brief stint as technical consultant in engine assembly at Kaiser-Jeep, he was employed by several foreign car dealerships in Essex County. In 1963, Luciano, who also specialized in European car repairs, followed his brother to Canada. He began work as a mechanic at Downtown Motors - Windsor’s largest British Leyland dealer.

In 1965, the two brothers opened a small auto repair shop, Continental Auto Repairs, at 655 Langlois Street. A new repair shop was built at 1215 Wyandotte St. East and the business steadily increased. In 1969, Windsor’s first BMW dealership was launched when the brothers decided to incorporate sales into their business and a new showroom was added to the repair shop.

In 1971, the Alfa Romeo line was added to their sales and service. Giovanni and Luciano Todesco owned and operated a successful business until 1986 when they decided to sell the dealership.

In 1988, an opportunity arose for Giovanni and Luciano to go back into

P11342B - Giovanni Todesco - Family Business , Volvo -Hyundai Dealership
P11342C - Giovanni Todesco - Family Business , Volvo -Hyundai Dealership
P11342A, B, C - Giovanni Todesco - Family Business, Volvo - Hyundai Dealership

business together and they purchased a Volvo dealership. Giovanni's daughter, Denise, was in the business as well. The Hyundai line of automobiles was added in 1992.

Giovanni’s daughter, Denise, was in the business as well and they purchased a Volvo dealership.The Hyundai line of automobiles was added in 1992.

The dealership has done well over the years. Today, Windsor-Volvo- Hyundai Ltd. remains a family-owned operation. Giovanni has slowly retired from the business but continues to retain an interest in the dealership. Luciano and Denise are principal dealers. Luciano’s sons, David and Steven, are both actively involved in the business.

Approximately 20 employees operate in a modern, state-of-art facility at 10660 Tecumseh Rd. East.

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