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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
P10642 - Sterling Construction Company Ltd. Courtesy of Richard Merlo
P10642- Sterling Construction Company Ltd. Courtesy of Richard Merlo

In 1913, Louis A. Merlo, Paul Merlo and John Ray (Re in Italian) founded Merlo, Merlo and Ray Construction Company. Although the company and subsidiaries folded during the Depression, these individuals later founded other construction companies in the area including River Sand Brick Company and Sterling Construction (incorporated by Louis A. Merlo) which lasted until 1981. Other companies such as Ready Mix (started by Louis Merlo Junior) and Ray and Sons Cement Contracting (sub-contracted to build Highway 401) were founded after Merlo, Merlo and Ray declared bankcruptcy in the 1930s.


P10643- Merlo, Merlo and Ray paving Albert Road in Windsor, 1920. Sterling Construction was founded by them as well, after the Depression. The company lasted until 1981. Courtesy of Richard Merlo
P10677a&b - Sterling Ready Mix. Courtesy of Richard Merlo
Louis A. Merlo (Senior), wanting to fit into Canadian society, never stressed his Italian heritage. His son, Louis Merlo junior, did not speak Italian (although he probably understood it). The same desire to be part of the whole of Canadian society led to the change of "Re" (the Italian spelling) to "Ray".
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