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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
P11264 - Elio Palazzi - Dal Farra Family,Dal Farra Confectionary - first business in Erie Street, 1953
Only a few houses and trees dotted Erie Street in 1951 when Emma Dal Farra and her husband, Isacco, opened Dal Farra Confectionery.

A year before, they worked as farmers in Manitoba after fleeing as refugees with their four grown children from a camp near Rome, Italy. Isacco was born in Belluno, Italy and his wife in
P11264 - Elio Palazzi - Dal Farra Family, Dal Farra Confectionary - first business on Erie Street, 1953
With the few dollars they had earned in Canada as farmers, they were able to make a down payment on a home at 731 Erie St. E. From their front porch they began selling newspapers and confections, eventually enclosing it to become Erie Street’s first confectionery store and the first business on Erie Street E. While in Italy Isacco worked in the wholesale wine business, but after moving to Erie Street, he saw the potential that a small Italian confectionery store would have in Windsor’s Italian community. Many of the products they sold were imported from Italy.
The store is still open having changed hands about three times since Emma and Isacco sold it in 1966, 12 years before Isacco’s death in 1978. Emma was 93 when she died at Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital.

(Source: The Windsor Star, November, 1999. It is published in this site as a courtesy of Elio Palazzi)

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