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Friday, July 12, 2024
P11406A - Mike Vonella- Brochure about His Company 'Vonella Custom Clothing 'and His Excellent Work

There was a time, not long ago, when artisans would begin their apprentice training at six or seven years old. Mike Vonella was such a person. At the age of seven, he began doing odd jobs in the tailor shop, sweeping floors, running errands, doing whatever needed doing. Slowly, he was introduced to needle and thread. He learned about the subtleties of fabric, the geometry of the physical

P11406A - Mike Vonella - Brochure about his company "Vonella Custom Clothing" and his excellent work.
  body, and at the age of sixteen, he made his first complete suit.
P11406B - Mike Vonella- Brochure about His company 'Vonella Custrom Clothing' and His Excellent Work

As an adolescent, Mike received further training and refined his craft in Switzerland. In 1966, he brought his talent to Windsor, Ontario, Canada, a ten minute ride from Detroit.

After 36 years in Windsor, Mike Vonella is the last Master Tailor in the region. His suits, sport coats, pants and jackets are worn by executives and movie stars, by locals, and people as far

P11406B - Mike Vonella - Brochure about his company, "Vonella Custrom Clothing" and his excellent work.
  away as California and Las Vegas. Anyone wearing a Mike Vonella branded item knows that he is wearing the best quality and material available.

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