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Monday, September 25, 2023
Windsor Chrome, courtesy of Mark Boscariol
 Windsor Chrome, courtesy of Mark Boscariol

Windsor Chrome, courtesy of Mark Boscariol
Peter Mario Boscariol was born on August 15, 1932 in Fiume Veneto, Pordenone, Italy, and was the youngest of the three children in the Boscariol family.

At the age of eighteen, Boscariol immigrated to Canada seeking new opportunities and held various positions including tobacco picking and labourer, before managing a billiards hall on Erie Street. He later began working in a small chrome-plating operation on Tuscarora Avenue in Windsor, Ontario.

In 1958, Boscariol married Ruth Mallo from Detroit, Michigan. They had two children, Kim and Mark.

Rino Marcuzzi was born in Fiume Veneto, Italy and came to Canada with his father at the age of 14. He attended Assumption college Highschool and worked for a number of years at Border Tool and Die. In the early 1960's, Windsor Chrome Plating on Glengary Ave, a small factory at which Boscariol was employed, came up for sale. Seeing an opportunity, Peter Boscariol, and his close friend, Rino Marcuzzi, purchased the business. At the time the company chrome-plated small motorcycle parts and repaired and replated four automobile bumpers a day for local auto-body shops. In the early years the bumpers were hand-dipped and chrome-plated in barrels.

As the business grew, it relocated to an industrial complex on Crawford Avenue, and later secured contracts with Original Equipment Manufacturers Parts (OEM) including bumpers and wheels for General Motors, Chrysler and Ford Motor Company, as well as other after market parts manufacturers. The company expanded further and opened an additional factory on Ouellette Avenue, known as Windsor Chrome Plating Limited.
In 1976, the company purchased the Burroughs Building at 804 McDougall Avenue, moved all the operations to this location and consolidated the business under one name – Rustshield Plating Limited.

Rustshield successfully weathered the ups and downs of numerous economic trends as a result of its innovations, including that of one of the first automated hoist systems in Windsor and Essex County.

Rino Marcuzzi retired in 1990. Early in 1991, the company closed due to recession and Boscariol bought out his partner's share of the business. Later that year, the company reopened and was able to secure work as economic conditions improved. Boscariol's son, Mark, purchased the business from his father in 1992.

Peter Boscariol passed away in 1993 at the age of 60.

Rustshield Plating was sold to Flex ‘n Gate Corporation in 1998. Today it is known as Chromeshield Plating Limited.

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