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Thursday, June 20, 2024
P11538-Courtesy of Courtesy of Luigi and Assunta Magri

Luigi Magri was born in San Giovanni in Galdo, Province of Campobasso, Italy.

At age 18, the dream of immigrating to Canada was very appealing. Therefore, in June 1948, Luigi, his father Arturo, and his brother Domenico, left beautiful Italy to immigrate to Canada, where they hoped to realize their dreams.

Upon landing in Canada, they traveled to Leamington, Ontario to join their uncle, Michele Magri, and his family. Uncle Michele owned a big farm, where Luigi’s family worked for two years. In the 50s, people worked on the farm for 50 cents an hour

In January 1949, Luigi's mother, brother Antonio, and sister Giovannina joined the family in Leamington to pursue their future together.

A few years later all the family moved to

P11538 - Courtesy of Courtesy of Luigi and Assunta Magri
P11539-Courtesy of Courtesy of Luigi and Assunta Magri
P11539 - Courtesy of Courtesy of Luigi and Assunta Magri
Windsor, where Luigi married Assunta Timperio, in 1952.

In the 50s and 60s, Luigi’s difficulties were becoming very serious, until one day in 1967 he joined his cousin, Antonio Magri, the founder and the owner of Roma Tile (located at the time at Campbell and Tecumseh).

After several years of partnership Antonio decided to sell his share of the company. In 1977, Luigi’s sons, Arthur and Robert, having completed their studies, were eager to work with their father. From then on, Roma Tile changed its name to Windsor Roma Tile Carpet One, moving to its new location at 2577 Howard Avenue in Windsor, where today an ever increasing business is carried on with vast selections of carpets, tiles, marble, granite and building material.

In 1984, Luigi decided to relinquish the business responsibility to his sons, Arthur and Robert, who, with their ability, honesty and courage, have maintained an atmosphere of respect, esteem and high credit for Roma Tile Carpet One.
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