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Thursday, June 20, 2024
P11756- Vincenzo Della Valle - Oven from Antonello Orlando(Italian Company)
P11757- Vincenzo Della Valle - Italian Bread Mixer
P11756- Vincenzo Della Valle- Oven from Antonello Orlando (Italian Company)
P11757- Vincenzo Della Valle - Italian Bread Mixer
It was in the year 1954 that two Italian families, Luigi and Anna Stievano, and Luigi and Felicita Marson, got together and decided to lease an Italian bakery. The business was called the International Baking Co., located on Erie Street in Windsor, Ontario. When the leasing period ended, they decided to form a new company.

In 1959 Stiemar Bread Co. Ltd., was born. The name was a blending of the two last names (Stie)vano and (Mar)son. The main product was a variety of European breads delivered door to door, to houses and to local businesses and institutions.

In 1969, Stiemar Bread was one of the first bakeries in Windsor to introduce the ‘Coffee & Donut’ shop. It was after that, that the larger Canadian doughnut chains recognized the marketing potential in this area.

In 1970, Luigi and Anna Stievano decided to move to Australia, to explore new things. Luigi and Anna sold their shares to Anna’s brother, Vincenzo Della Valle, an employee since 1955. Vincenzo Della Valle and Luigi Marson continued to produce the European breads and fancy doughnuts that Windsor residents learned to love.

Ten years later in 1980, Vincenzo approached Luigi about acquiring his shares of the business , with Luigi remaining part owner of the buildings and property. He agreed, and Vincenzo, Angela, and their son Mark Della Valle, formed Stiemar Bread (Windsor) Co. Ltd. The product line expanded, with more varieties of bread and the introduction of pastries, and later cakes.

Finally, in 1990 Luigi Marson agreed to sell the buildings and property to Stiemar Bread (Windsor) Co. Ltd. At this time, Mark was elected Manager of the company and acquired the majority of responsibilities of the operation. It was shortly after that, that Stiemar began exporting their product to the United States, requiring Mark to institute two shifts for baking. The business grew and flourished under Mark’s management. The days of door to door delivery seem so far away, but are never forgotten by the loyal, long time customers who remember the early days.

Even as the company grew, it remained a ‘family business’ in every sense of the word. In the year 2001, Vincenzo and Angela divided their business shares among their three children Mark, Ann Marie and Anita, with Mark remaining the major shareholder. Vincenzo and Angela remain sole owners of the buildings and property. Today, in the year 2005, Anita, Connie, Mark’s wife of 28 years, and Mark’s son, Vincent, join Vincenzo, Angela and Mark, in supporting the company. The Della Valle Family recognizes the recipe for success is not measured by dedication to family alone, but includes the loyalty and hard work of their dedicated employees, who work side by side with them every day.

Stiemar Bread (Windsor) Co. Ltd. has remained at its 2640 Ouellette Ave location since 1959.

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