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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
La Bottega. Courtesy of Franco and Rina Stea
  Mr. and Mrs. Franco and Rina Stea saw their dream of operating their own business become a reality when the Saroli Confectionery was put up for sale.

Franco, from the Puglia Region, and Rina, from the Region of Calabria, have managed their business at 731 Erie Street East since 1984.

Five years after purchasing the store, its interior was restructured to create more space to meet their needs and to satisfy the clients’ requests by introducing new products. Even the name of the store, originally known as Dal Farra Confectionery, then as Santarossa and later as Saroli Confectionery, was once again changed to its current name, La Bottega.

Always aware of new trends, the Steas

La Bottega. Courtesy of Franco and Rina Stea
La Bottega. Courtesy of Franco and Rina Stea

have created a little Italy in their store where one can find a wide selection of products ranging from a simple and modest Neapolitan coffee-pot to a modern and sophisticated digital espresso and cappuccino maker, from CDs and DVDs to Italian magazines, daily newspapers and sport items. One can also find many other Italian products, such as greeting cards, bocce sets, espresso coffee and cappuccino makers and Italian perfumes, gastronomic specialties imported from Italy such as the renowned and appreciated parmesan “reggiano”, the tasty roman pecorino (Ewe’s milk cheese), the mild gorgonzola and many other highly regarded types of cheese, prosciutti, speck (type of lard, specialty from Upper Adige, Bavaria and Tyrol Regions) and other sausages.

Franco and Rina are proud of being part of the Italian community and proud of being able to introduce and make the Italian customs and traditions known to other ethnic communities through their business operation.

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