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Friday, July 12, 2024
Dante Travel Agency Ltd., located on Erie St. E. in the heart of Via Italia, was originally founded by the late Mrs. Lidia Dal Farra-Costa in the early 1960's under the name of Dal Farra Travel Agency. The agency’s operations were initially carried out from Lidia’s parental home, (currently La Bottega), along with other commercial activities conducted by her parents and brother, Armando.

In 1967, Dal Farra Travel Agency was put up for sale.

Meanwhile, Dante Curcione, a young man from Figline Vegliaturo (Calabria), employed as a social worker with the Children’s Aid Society, decided to change profession and seized the opportunity of purchasing the agency. The offices were relocated near the corner of Parent Avenue across from the present Credit Union premises. The agency remained there for six years.

In 1973, construction of the new building at the corner of Erie and Lillian began and a year later, on June 13, 1974 (the feast of St. Anthony of Padua), the memorable transfer to the new location took place.

The name Dal Farra Agency was kept until 1977, when the agency assumed the new name Dante Travel Agency Ltd. with the authorization of IATA (International Air Transport Association).
Numerous Italian immigrants arriving in Windsor at the time used this agency as a point of reference.

The agency’s operations expanded beyond travel arrangements to encompass countless office procedures such as filling out applications for immigration, visas, passports, certificates, income tax and translations, just to name a few. Later, when Mr. Curcione was awarded the honourary title of Notary Public, the office transactions intensified.
In 1992, the agency was bought by the young and vibrant Teresa Ferrarelli-Maceroni.
Presently, the agency continues to operate as always under the same name, Dante Travel Agency, always at the same address, always with expert personnel!
The current owner is the well-known Norma Martinello-Graziano.
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