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Thursday, June 20, 2024
Early Period
  Most Italians trace their immigration to the massive wave after World War II, but the first settlement of Italians in Canada dates back to 1665, when soldiers from various parts of what later became Italy...[More]
Turn of the 20th Century
  During the decade prior to WWI, the number of the Italians in Windsor had only grown from 52 in 1901 to 95 in 1911. An increase in industrialization and the expanding labour market attracted many Italians to Canada...[More]
Where Do They Come From?
  The people who settled in the Windsor area c. 1900 - 1925 were mainly from the northeastern Italian regions of Friuli and Veneto. But there were also representatives from the northwest region of Lombardia....[More]  
The Voyage
  Italian immigrants who came prior to the First World War often faced a terrible voyage across the Atlantic. The New Immigration published in 1920 notes that in the ship “there is neither breathing space below nor...[More]

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