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Thursday, June 20, 2024
Hot Flashes: Sensual Reflections in Poetry and Prose, by Arnetta L. Glenn

Arnetta White, Shadd, Givens, Garrel, Dyke, Hatter, Shreve-Glenn was born in the hospital in Chatham, Ontario and returned to North Buxton with her father and mother for a loving childhood rearing. She attended Chatham Collegiate Institute, Patterson Collegiate High school in Windsor and obtained a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Windsor. She married and was blessed with three children. She now has seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Arnetta obtained a hair-dressing license and then an instructor’s license while her children were still in grade school. It was not long before she was hired as an

  instructor at the same school she was trained. She

started taking night classes at the University. Seven years later, while her youngest was still in school she received her B.A. in Sociology. Shortly after that, she became manager of the beauty school. She is now retired and declares the best years of her life are still being realized.

Arnetta began writing poetry at an early age, but it is here in retirement that she self-published her first and only book “Hot Flashes: Sensual Reflections in Poetry and Prose.” “Hot Flashes” (has nothing to do with what you might think) was motivated one night by a sudden surge of empathy for all those people “out there” still working. Arnetta wanted to “make their day” at the end of every “hard pressed day”. She envisioned the stressed out person coming home, sitting down, choosing the appropriate poem for the moment and “voila” instant tension release. So she wrote the book and put it up for sale.
“ Hot Flashes” can be purchased at the University of Windsor Bookstore.

Arnetta for many years has been a Reader of the Word at St. Alphonsus’ Church.
She is an international volunteer. She loves to travel and is in constant awe at the beauty of God’s great creation. She loves talking with the people, getting their prospective on anything and everything.

Arnetta feels a strong bond between her ancestors and herself as is expressed in the third verse of the poem in her book entitled “I Am Ready For Y2K”:

  My spiritual health has been easiest to maintain---
I bring with me into the year 2000
The inherited strengths of my ancestors:
Their faith, their hope, their tenacity,
Their courage, their positive attitude,
Their determination to succeed,
Their acceptance of challenge
And their commitment to family and community.
I am ready for Y2K.
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