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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Excerpts of the St. John’s Anglican Church records, Sandwich Ontario
(From the files at the North Amercian Black Historical Museum)

Baptized April 2, 1809
Tour the interior of the oldest black church in Canada, built in 1840.
- ELINOR CLARK, daughter of Alex and Grace Clark
- LISETTE DENNISSON , daughter of Peter and Hannah
- ANN SMITH, daughter of Thomas and Grace;
    all adults, all people of color.
    Godfather: Benjamin Jonas
    Godmother: Fanny Dennisson and Grace Dennisson
- SCIPIO DENNISSON, a negro, adult son of Peter and Grace;
      Sponsors: Benj. Jonas and Nelly Clark
- PETER DENNISSON, son of Peter and Hannah
      Sponsors: Benj. Jonas and Elinor Clark
Baptized May 12, 1811
- JAMES DENNISON, son of James and Hannah, born Mar. 29;
      Sponsors: Peter and Susan Dennison, and Lidia Dennison
Buried January 29, 1812
- JAMES DENNISON, a negro child at Sandwich
Baptized April 12, 1812
- CHARLOTTE DENNISSON, daughter of Willoughby and Grace, his wife,
born April 1st. Sponsors: Robert Stark, Charlotte Dennisson and Ann Smith
Buried August 28, 1812
- PETER DENNISSON, a negro servant of Angus McIntosh, Esq., died August 27 and was buried the next day.
Baptized June 9, 1816
- JULIET DENNISSON, daughter of Peter and Hannah, aged 16;
Sponsors: Elizabeth and ___ Dennisson.
Baptized August 10, 1817
- SARA NORFLEET, daughter of David and Sarah (negroes), born 28 June.
      Sponsors: Lewis Wilson and Elizabeth Dennisson.
- PHOEBE DENNISON, daughter of Silvester and Charlotte, born 10 December 1816. Sponsors: Benj. Jonas and Elinor Clark
Baptized June 27, 1819
- JAMES DENNISON, son of Scipio and Charlotte, Negroes, born December 1818.
- LEWIS WILBERT WILLSON, son of Lewis and Jude, people of colour.
Born October 1818. Sponsors: Scipio Dennison, James Dennison, Charlotte Dennison, Lewis Wilson, Jude Wilson.
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