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J. Lyle Browning
Yvette Blackburn
J. Lyle Browning
Regimental Sergeant-Major James Allen
  J. Lyle Browning was born in Chatham in 1923. The Browning family had originally settled in the Sandwich area prior to 1874 and owned a small farm near Wyandotte and Aylmer streets. Lyle moved with his family to Windsor when he was a year old. In addition to being a husband to wife Geraldine, a father to two sons Joe and Bruce and a

J. Lyle Browning with Prime Minister Paul Martin, 2005 – Photo courtesy of Lyle Browning
  successful businessman with an extensive resume, (see the business section of this website) including owning his own successful manufacturing company

Browning Engineering and Manufacturing Co., Mr. Browning is a very active in both community events and politics.

Mr. Browning became involved in the world of politics at the tender age of thirteen when he joined the Young Liberal Club of Windsor in 1936. He became president of the club and went on to serve as the president of the Ontario Young Liberal Association for four years.

Browning was a popular candidate for the office of Member of Provincial Parliament for Windsor/Sandwich. However, he was eventually defeated in the election in 1975. In 1978 he was appointed to the Canadian Consultative Council on Multiculturalism. In November of 1982 Browning ran for Windsor City Council on a platform that included plans for the development of a Heritage Village in Old Sandwich.

Lyle Browning has given his time and talents to many organizations in the region. He has served as the Director of Junior Achievement of Windsor Inc., the Advertising and Sale Club and the Armistead Club and has assisted the Big Brother’s Association. He played a very important role heading up the fundraising campaign for the North American Black Historical Museum. In 1976 Lyle Browning joined the Downtown Windsor Lions Club. This began decades of dedicated service to the organization and the community. In June of 1981 he became the first Black President of a Lions Club in Ontario.

Now in his eighties Lyle Browning is still active in political events. During seven decades of involvement in the Liberal Party of Canada Mr. Browning has helped promote the interests of Windsor and region at both the provincial and federal levels and has made many friends along the way.

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Yvette Blackburn
NDP Candidate Yvette Blackburn (third from left) during the 2003 Ontario Election Campaign, 26/09/2003
  In 2003 Yvette Blackburn ran as the New Democratic Party candidate for Windsor West in the Ontario provincial election. On election day, October 2, 2003, she was defeated by Liberal incumbent Sandra Pupatello but placed a very respectable second with 20.8 % of the vote. Yvette is very active in the community. She assists visible minority

NDP Candidate Yvette Blackburn (third from left) during the 2003 Ontario Election Campaign, 26/09/2003
photo courtesy of The University of Windsor Studentís Alliance
  and immigrant women to attain employment as an Employment Readiness Program counselor at WEST of Windsor and is currently on the board of directors of the North American Black Historical Museum.
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