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Thursday, June 20, 2024
The names on the following list were provided by the North American Black Historical Museum.
Private Milton Adams
Private Louis Alexander
Private James Allen
Private James Armour
Private Cyrus Austin
Private John Baker
Private Benjamin Barnes
Private Charles Battle
Private George Bennetio
Corporal Bethume Binga
Private Arnold Black
Private Sydney Black
Private William Black
Private Ellis Bland
Private Frank Blencowe
Private Nathaniel Boswell
Private George Briscoe
Private Cornelius Brooks
Private Oliver Brooks
Private Peter Browning
Private Roy Burriss
Private John Butler
Private Charles Campbell
Private Gaile Carr
Private Huge Carter
Private Ellwood Clark
Private Thomas Cobby
Private Garnet Cook
Private William Crogger
Private Herbert Crosby
Private Robert Crosby
Private Percy Dabney
Private James Darden
Private Fred Davis
Private Fred Davis*
Private Harry Davis
Private Phillip Davis
Private Roy Davis
Private Wm. Davis
Private William Deerhart
Private Sherman Degroat
Private Walter Devon
Private Ambrose Dolman
Private Alfred Dorris
Private Lun Dorsey
Private Wm. Douglas
Private Edward Ellis
Private Leo Ellsworth
Private Hugh Enis
Private Nelson Findlay
Private Mitchell Foster
Private Hiram Fountain
Private Sherly Franks
Private Ralph Freeman
Private John Gains
Private William Garey
Private Charles Garnett
Private Wallace Garnett
Private Robert Garth
Corporal Pendleton Gibson
Private John Gilbert
Private James Goodwin
Private John Goodwin
Private Orville Grant
Private Carl Grey
Corporal Anderson Griffin
Private Daniel Griffith
Private Stanley Hamilton
Private Benjamin Handsor
Private David Handsor
Private James Handsor
Private George Hersel
Private Wm. Harper
Private Arnold Harris
Private Jacob Harris
Private Nelson Harris
Private Oscar Harris
Private Wellington Harris
Private William Harris
Private James Hayes
Sergent Curry Hemphill
Private Donald Henderson
Private James Henderson
Private Richard Henderson
Private Oliver Henson
Private Wm. Henson
Private William Higdon
Private Clifford Highgate
Private John Highgate
Private Ramon Hill
Private Clinton Hollie
Private Ulysees Holloway
Private Louis Hooper
Private Stanley Hosey
Private Walter Hullett
Private William Hunt
Private James Hyde
Private Elliot Jackson
Private James Jackson
Private Samuel Jackson
Private William Jackson
Private James Jacobs
Private Wallace James
Private Lemuel Jenifer
Private Philip Jenkins
Private James Johnson
Private Joseph Johnson
Private Noah Johnson
Private Melvan Johnson
Private Obediah Johnson
Private Walter Johnson
Private Charles Jones
Private Clifford Jones
Private Horace Jones
Private Ivan Jones
Private Joseph Jones
Private Paul Jones
Private Thomas Jones
Private Charles Kolly
Private Frank Kelly
Private George Kelly
Private William Kelly
Private Elmer Kennedy
Private Ernest Edward
Private Melton Kirksey
Private Cswas Korachi
Private Archie Ladd
Private John Ladd
Private Frederick Lawson
Private Thomas Earl
Private Clarence Lewis
Private Herbert Lewis
Private John Lewis
Private Walter Lewis
Private Cecile Lightfoot

Private James Lockman
Private Jerome Lockman
Private Robert Lockwood
Private Harry Logan
Private Jerry Love
Private Roy Lucas
Private Walter Lucas
Private Ivan Macon
Private Edward Madison
Private John Madison
Private Harry Marsh
Corporal Wallace Marshall
Private Buster Martin
Private Luther Massey
Private Matthew Matthews
Private Chester McArthur
Private Claude McDowell
Private James Meadows
Private Russell Miller
Private Melvan Miner
Private John Mitchell
Private Vergil Mitchell
Private William Mitchell
Private Clarence Monroe
Private John Monroe
Private Horace Moore
Private Walter Moore
Private John Morris
Private Andrew Moxley
Private Louis Nealy
Private Roscoe Nichols
Private John Overton
Private Anthony Parker
Private Frederick Parker
Private Frederick Patterson
Private Charles Payne
Private Harold Peavy
Private Anderson Perkins
Private Archibald Perkins
Private Charles Phillips
Private Henry Phillips
Private Clifford Phoenix
Private Gus Prather
Private Theodore Price
Private William Prince
Private William Proverbs
Private John Reid
Private William Rhan
Private Archie Richardson
Private Edgar Robbins
Private Dennis Robbins
Private Edward Robbins
Private Enoch Robbins
Private Frederick Robbins
Private Thomas Robbins
Private Charles Robinson
Private Louis Robinson
Private William Robinson
Private Willoughby Rochester
Private William Rodgers
Private Clarence Sallee
Private Samuel Sargeant
Private George Scott
Private George T. Scott
Lieutenant George Shreve
Private George Shreve
Private Oliver Shreve
Private James Simmons
Private Lawrence Simpson
Private Arthur Smith
Private Lafayette Smith
Private Samuel Smith
Sergeant Norvaez Smith
Private Willie Smith
Private William Snowdon
Private William Starks
Private David Stephen
Private Percy Steward
Private Horace Stewart
Private James Stewart
Private Joseph Stone
Private James Sumlar
James Talbert
Michael Talbert
Corporal Arthur Taylor
Private William Taylor
Private Robert Thomas
Private Archer Walton
Private Joseph Ward
Private Orville Ward
Private Ray Ward
Private Charles Watts
Private John Whitaker
Private George White
Private Jesse White
Private Jesse Wigfall
Private Colman Willliams
Private Edward Williams
Private Eugene Williams
Private Frank Williams
Private Henry Williams
Private Herbert Williams
Private John Williams
Private Sylvester Williams
Private John Willis
Private Harvey Wilson
Private Ottinger Wilson
Private Arthur Wright
Private Cornelius Wright
Private Henry Wright
Private James Wright
Private Willoughby Wright
Private Nathaniel Young
Private William Thomas
Private Ernest Thompson
Private Edward Thurman
Private John Tivis
Private James Tolbert
Private Alexander Toulmin
Private Charles Travis
Private John Travis
Private Ben Trice
Private Alfred Tudor
Private Will Turner
Private Osgoode Vandusen
Private Clarence Vandyke
General Edward Vazquez
Private James Wales
Private Ernest Walker
Private William Walker
Private Samuel Wallace
Private William Young
Private Charley Youngstein
Private James Zebbs

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