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Friday, August 19, 2022


Remember Poppy

Pte. Ken Handsor

Pte. Ken Handsor served in the Canadian Army overseas.

Remember Poppy

Morris Harding

Remember Poppy

LAC Edward Guyon Henderson, R.C.A.F. – Killed

LAC. Edward Henderson was one of 10 children of Son of Roland P. Henderson and Euphemia Henderson, of 319 Assumption Street in Windsor. He was a graduate of Patterson Collegiate and a former welder at Gotfredson’s Limited. He joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in March of 1943 and was a Leading Aircraftman. Edward Henderson was killed in an air accident in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan on November 24th, 1943. He was only 19 years old. Just months before his death Henderson had been refused service in a downtown Windsor restaurant because they did not serve ‘colored people’. Edward G. Henderson is buried in Windsor (Grove) Cemetery. To view the Commonwealth War Graves Commission certificate honouring Edward Guyon Henderson please click here:


In Memory of

R/221203, Royal Canadian Air Force

Remembered with honour

Robert Henderson - photo courtesy of George Henderson

Trooper Robert Henderson

Robert Henderson was also one of Mr. and Mrs. Roland P. Henderson’s ten children. At the age of 21 he went overseas. He served in the Canadian Armored Corps and returned to Windsor at the end of the war. This photo was taken in Volturno Valley, Dragoni, Italy in July of 1944.

Jesse Henderson - photo courtesy of NABHM

Jesse Henderson

Jesse Henderson was born in 1909 and was the uncle of Edward and Robert Henderson listed above. He served in an anti-aircraft unit of the Royal Canadian Artillery in Belgium, France, Sicily and Germany. Following the war Mr. Henderson was a correspondent for the Detroit Independent writing stories about the Windsor area and Amherstburg. He later became an oilman at Ford Motor Company. Jesse Henderson was a long time resident of Amherstburg.

Gnr. D.D. Johnson, R.C.A.F - Wounded
Gnr. D.D. Johnson, R.C.A.F – Wounded

Johnson, the son of Hazel E. Johnson of 959 Mercer Street in Windsor, received severe burns to his arms and chest while serving in Holland. Johnson was wounded the day before victory was declared in Europe.
Pte. Ella Jackson, C.W.A.C

Pte. Ella Jackson, C.W.A.C

Ella Jackson, a former student of Patterson High School in Windsor, was the first African Canadian woman from Western Ontario to be in the Canadian Armed Services.

Remember Poppy

Frank Jackson

Pte. Frank Johnson, Essex Scottish Regiment  Wounded
Pte. Frank Johnson, Essex Scottish Regiment Wounded

Private Frank Johnson, of 648 Cataraqui Street was wounded during D-Day Operations in Normandy. Johnson returned home to his wife and six children.
Remember Poppy

Pte. Willie Jackson, #4 CITR

Pte. Willie Jackson served in the Canadian Army overseas.

Remember Poppy

Sgmn. Lee Jackson, RCCS 4th C.A.B.

Sgmn. Lee Johnson served in the RCCS 4th C.A.B. He was stationed in Holland in December of 1944 when he wrote the letter included in the letters home section of this website.

Lt. Col. Kenneth Jacobs

Lt. Col. Kenneth Jacobs

Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth Jacobs served in the Royal Canadian Medical Corps in World War II. He was an Operating Room Assistant at Vancouver Military Hospital.
On April 1, 1975 Kenneth Jacobs became the first Canadian of African descent to be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. (For more information on LCOL Jacobs see the Military Profiles section of this website)

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